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We believe that the development of great cities relies on a dynamic mix of enterprise, leadership, regeneration, diversity, corporate social responsibility and cultural transformation.

We work with a range of clients from the public, private and third sector across an array of industries and issues. Sometimes the focus is on the City or City Region as in our work in London for the London Development Agency or the Exco in Hong Kong.

We often work to tackle specific issues related to economic regeneration. In Yorkshire and Humberside our focus was the type of Future Skills needed to fit people in areas covered by Yorkshire Forward (the Regional Development Agency) for a dynamic and prosperous future. In Nantong, China, the priority was the development of a powerful Knowledge economy to secure a distinctive role for the City' in the Yangtse delta.

The private sector has a powerful interest in these issues, not only for the opportunities they provide directly for ambitious firms, but for their strategic planning to secure their position in these locations. Our clients cover sectors from construction, architecture, urban planning and design, through to major retailers, media companies, airlines, branded goods firms and partners in regeneration. Increasingly we are working with international agencies like the World Bank, OECD and the European Commission.

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