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An ideopolis is a city of ideas, where knowledge, creativity, enterprise, connectivity and the quality of life combine to create a dynamic local economy. In effect, ideopolis are cities where those who can choose where to work and live, choose to work and live.

These appeal to creative and innovative people seeking new opportunities for themselves, their peers and the families. These opportunities are economic, social and cultural and together appeal to different but related groups. Building on these strengths, shaping a vision that all can share is the key to a city or city-Region's long-term success.

The ideopolis proposition has been shaped by new thinking globally, nationally and locally. Communities as diverse as the old industrial Cities of Manchester, Glasgow, Liverpool and Newcastle in Northern Britain, European hubs like Barcelona, Munich and Milan, the city-states such as Dubai and Singapore, city-regions like the Bay Area of San Francisco, the twin Cities of Minneapolis/St Paul, megacities like Shanghai and national capitals like London, Helsinki, Paris and Prague are either described as ideopolis or aspire to that description.

At the heart of an ideopolis is a core dynamic, a mixture of self and external image, which acts as a centripetal force drawing in the creative, the innovative, the talented and binding together all those groups who make the ideopolis the place where those who can choose where to work and live, choose to work and live.

The ideopolis is shaped by drivers that reflect these difference forces.

At Ideopolis International we turn this broad, visionary concept into practical reality for local leaders determined to ensure that their communities realise their full potential in the economy of the future. Much of our work centres on benchmarking the performance of specific cities against others in the same region, country, part of the world or globally for public agencies and the private sector.

At Ideopolis we benchmark cities, then work to build on strengths and overcome any weaknesses as the community strives to match the exacting standards set to join this genuine elite.

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